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How to Avoid Product Buildup in Locs

As I was retwisting a client’s locs I ran across one loc that appeared to have yellow buildup within the center of the loc. I stared at the loc for a minute because I was trying to wrap my finger around what could that be in her loc. I know I scrubbed her scalp and locs as clean as I could but somehow this loc didn’t show the proof of that.

I squeezed the loc and the buildup oozed through the hairs. This is a major sign when buildup is forming. You will see the product layer throughout the hair from the inside out. The color of this product was particularly a bright yellow/orange color. It was thick and Flaky. The more I squeezed the loc the more product would appear. Due to the thickness and color of the buildup my estimated guess was that this product was Shea butter. If it wasn’t shea butter it may have been a product that has that thick consistency like shea butter. My client Locs had not fully matured yet so I found it best to detangle her loc from bottom to root so that I can have full control of releasing the product from the hair. Once the loc was completed detangled. I applied an ACV rinse in a spray bottle to the hairs to remove the product completely from the loc.

Once all the product was removed, I was able to restructure the hair into a loc again. After experiencing this I wanted to share with you products to avoid that causes build up.

Shea butter


Bees wax

heavy products and oils

Black and brown gels/eco style gel

It’s very important to be sure that your products are filled with natural ingredients. If the product has too much alcohol in it, it can lead to breakage and dryness to your locs. I know some may be thinking isn’t shea butter a natural product. Yes, it is, but too heavy of a product.

When trying to remove the buildup you can apply a loc detox quarterly. A loc detox will cleanse the Locs from the inside out. Shampoos have a harder time stripping down harsh products that are built within the locs. When a loc detox is done your locs will be weightless and will have an ultimate shine.

I always encourage clients to read labels and check the ingredients. You should know what’s going into your hair. By all means if you need more assistance, I am always here to assist you. Book a virtual consultation with me today to assist with your loc needs.

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