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Why You Need to Clarify Your Hair First

To clarify or not clarify, that is the question. And I have the answer for you!

Clarifying your hair is such an important step that you need to put into your routine. By using a clarifying shampoo first, this sets the foundation for proper shampooing. When your hair isn’t properly cleansed, you wind up with buildup. That leads to flakes and dull performance from your hair, which is why you’ll want to use a clarifier.

What is a Clarifier?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked! A clarifier shampoo is simply a shampoo that is designed to cleanse your hair and scalp more deeply. It removes buildup, flakes, impurities, sweat, oils, and pollution. You’ll be able to see all the residue rinsing away when you wash it out! It’s best not to overdo it though because it can suck the moisture out of your hair and leave it dried out. Plus, some clarifiers are far harsher than others. One of my personal favorites is J. Beverly Hills Clarifier Shampoo. It cleanses and strips buildup away yet helps your hair retain moisture balance, something that’s very important as you don’t want a brittle head of hair.

Tips for Using a Clarifying Shampoo

When you use clarifying shampoo, you want to consider how much oil is in your hair. If heavy oils and creams are in your daily routine but you only shampoo once a month, you definitely need to use clarifying shampoo first before using any other shampoo. Otherwise your hair and scalp won’t be detoxified from that build up.

If you have overreactive sebaceous glands, your hair gets oily quickly. For you, you should avoid using oils and heavy moisturizers since your hair produces oil on its own. You will therefore love clarifying shampoo to clear things away but make sure you’re also adding moisture back into your hair. This can be done with a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo, or a moisturizing conditioner. Never, ever remove moisture from hair without adding it back in!

Clarifying shampoos can help you by cleansing chlorine from your hair. They also cleanse away sweat, buildup from tresses and braids, heavy oils and excess moisture from hair, and give hair the right cleanse after a wash-and-go style.

Best Clarifying Shampoos to Use

Now for my favorite part…products! As I mentioned, I love J. Beverly Hills Clarifying Shampoo. It cleans the hair while also moisturizing and softening too so it’s like one step to amazingly clarified and moisturized hair.

Other great brands that I recommend for clarifying your hair are Mizani Moisture Fusion Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, Bumble and Bumble Sunday Clarifying Shampoo, DevaCurl Buildup Buster Hair Cleanser, Design Essentials Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Aveda Rosemary Mint Purifying Shampoo, and Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo.

Not sure which clarifier shampoo is right for your hair type? Let us help you with that! Click below to book a virtual consultation so you can go forth with your best clarified hair!

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