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Why You Need to Clarify Your Hair First

To clarify or not clarify, that is the question. And I have the answer for you! Clarifying your hair is such an important step that you need to put into your routine. By using a clarifying shampoo first, this sets the foundation for proper shampooing. When your hair isn’t properly cleansed, you wind up withContinue reading “Why You Need to Clarify Your Hair First”

How to Avoid Product Buildup in Locs

As I was retwisting a client’s locs I ran across one loc that appeared to have yellow buildup within the center of the loc. I stared at the loc for a minute because I was trying to wrap my finger around what could that be in her loc. I know I scrubbed her scalp andContinue reading “How to Avoid Product Buildup in Locs”